Because of all the places and spaces you could be right now, you chose to be here with me - if only for a few moments. And for that, I thank and welcome you.

I am DeAnna "D.Elle" Carpenter and I'm excited to welcome you and share a bit of myself with you in this space. Being an artist and creative is humbling, exciting and gives my life meaning in every way. To be able to share my music is an experience I have yet to fully put into words, yet I'll try.

It's magical.

Sharing my heARTwork pushes me out of my comfort zone and stretches me to be better, to love more, to receive more and to give more with each breath. It's a bit scary at times because I find myself exposing myself in ways that aren't always comfortable, but if it ain't scary in some way, I guess it's not worth doing, right?

Feel free to look around, get comfortable, and if you like what you hear, see and feel, then please stay. You're welcome here, and I hope you can feel that.

Love and light,

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